Bringing in 2017 – How to Celebrate the New Year With Your Children!


There are many fun ways to celebrate the New Year at home with you little one! Have fun celebrating, making goals for the New Year and creating memories to last a lifetime.

  • Have a party and get dressed up! Have a fancy dinner using your best dishes and make yummy snacks to celebrate the New Year.
  • Relive memories from the previous year; tell stories and look through pictures to remind you of all the fun you had.
  • Get in your PJ’s, grab some snacks and cozy up on the couch together for a slumber party and watch your favorite movies or TV shows. If you have Netflix, watch their New Year’s Eve count down!
  • Play games, decorate the house, listen to music and have a dance party!
  • Get noise makers and sparklers or bang pots and pans as you countdown the final seconds of the year.
  • If the kiddo’s can make it until midnight, watch the ball drop on TV!
  • Talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Making a resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something nice in the New Year. Make resolutions together as a family.

As the New Year approaches find ways to make the celebrations kid friendly so they can be a part of welcome the New Year too!









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