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Rainbow Child Care Center

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​13 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas that Your Kids Will Love

Before you know it, the Halloween school parades, birthday parties, and trick-or-treating will be here!

We have created a list of some of our favorite do-it-yourself Halloween costumes to help you get inspired. No matter if you are crafty or can’t use a sewing needle to save your life, there is something on this list for everyone!

13 Incredible DIY Halloween Costumes for Children of All Ages


1. Baby Bouquet Costume

Image source: Subtle Revelry

Whether you want to create a bouquet from scratch or buy a few cloth flowers, this is a great and easy idea to help you and your baby get into the Halloween spirit. Learn how to make the flowers from scratch here.

2. Scuba Diver Costume

Image source: Delineate Your Dwelling

You can create this costume with little more than a couple of two-liter bottles, a snorkel mask, and hair curlers. Find out how to make it piece by piece here.

3. Jellyfish Costume

Image source: Giggles Galore

There are several different ways you can go about making this beautiful costume. But no matter which way you decide, you can’t go wrong. Your kid is going to have a ton of fun with this costume and look amazing. Learn what you need here.

4. Super Hero Costume

Image Source: Style Me Pretty Living

You can’t go wrong with the classic superhero costume. However, instead of dressing your children up like Superman or Supergirl, help them create their own super identity instead. Follow these directions to get started.

5. Hot Air Balloon Costume

Image Source: Style Me Pretty Living

This is by far one of the best costumes we have seen! Don’t be scared away by all the different pieces to it. We promise it’s a lot simpler than what you might think at first glance. See what you need to get started here.

6. Cactus Costume

Image Source: The Chic

If you are running low on time and supplies, this great costume has your name on it! You can find all the supplies you need here.

7. Baby Chicken Costume

Image Source: Fun at Home with Kids

Dress up your baby chick as a baby chicken! This cute costume can be made in under two hours and doesn’t require any sewing. Learn how it’s done.

8. Fire Engine Costume

Image Source: Wild Ink Press

While this costume will take a little more time, materials, and patience, it’s well worth it. Plus, once Halloween is over, your child can still use it when he is playing. Find out what you need here.

9. Mermaid Costume

Image Source: Sewing Rabbit

Does your little girl want to be a mermaid? While this awesome DIY mermaid costume does require a little sewing, this video tutorial will walk you through the entire process. Before you know it you’re little girl will be a transformed into a little mermaid.

10. Toddler Tinker Bell (Fairy) Costume

Image Source: Sincerely Jean

Take advantage of your toddler’s size by dressing them up as one of the tiniest fairies. With a little bit of fabric, some fairy wings, and pom-poms you’ll have this cute fairy done in no time! Learn how to make it here.

11. Lego Costume

Image Source: Sincerely Jean

All you need is a big box, a few little boxes, and some spray paint, and you’ll have yourself a Lego piece costume. While this tutorial will show you how to make the costume in the picture, feel to use it as a guide to create your own unique Lego piece.

12. Spider Web and Spider Costumes

Image Source: Pretty Plain Janes

If you have two children, this is a perfect siblings costume. Both are easy to make and don’t require any sewing. Get started here.

13. Rain Cloud Costume

Image Source: Andrea Notebook

This is a great handmade costume that will look cute on your little one and also keep her warm. While it calls for sewing the cloud together, fabric glue will due in a pinch. See a step by step guide here.

If your children are too young or aren’t sure what they want to be, don’t sweat it. You still have time, and there are a ton of DIY Halloween costume ideas out there. We’ve created a Pinterest board with even more great Halloween ideas.

Whether or not your child already has a costume in mind, here are few more things to keep in mind when putting it together.


1. Think Comfortable and Warm

No matter how old your child is, you want to make sure he is comfortable in his halloween costume. Also, it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan in case of bad or cold weather. Think undershirts and turtlenecks as they can fit under almost any costume.

2. Sewing isn’t required

Sewing isn’t aways necessary to make a great halloween costume. Depending on what it is, scissors, sharpie, and tape might be all that is needed. In the case that you do need to attach two pieces of fabric together, fabric glue will probably do the trick quite nicely.

3. Accessories can make a huge difference

The little things can make a huge difference when putting a costume together. Whether it’s adding a little ribbon, pom-poms or some sparkles, you can make an easy yet awesome costume in no time at all. And when in doubt, duct tape almost always can be used for something.

4. Have Fun!

Keep in mind that your little ones will love anything you make for them even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you planned. It’s OK. Halloween costumes don’t have to be perfect. The important thing is that you and your child have fun putting it all together!

Do you have pictures of your own DIY costumes that you are making this year? We want to see! Share them with us by tagging Rainbow Child Care Center on Instagram or Facebook!