Rainbow Child Care Center

Rainbow Child Care Center

Rainbow Child Care Center opened its first school in 1986 in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Today there are more than 121 Rainbow Child Care Centers found in 15 states.

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The Montessori Preschool

The Montessori Preschool

The Montessori Preschool opened its doors in 2012, and continues to grow every year. If there is interest in your area, please let us know!

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Rainbow Referral

Rainbow Referral

Do you know a family in need of a Home Away From Home? Share the Rainbow Difference with the Rainbow Referral program and receive one free week of tuition!

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Back to School: Start Smart!

For some of you, this may the first time your child is going to school. For others, your child may already go to school, but they need a little help getting back into the daily school routine after a long summer. Below are some tips we have put together to help you and your child transition into their new routine.

Early to bed, early to rise: Start your routine-A few weeks before school, start going to bed a little earlier and getting up a little earlier. What’s the perfect bedtime?

  • Determine Your Wake Up Time: Determine how long it takes you and your child to get ready for school. To make things easy, let’s say you need to be out the front door by 7am, and it takes you one hour to get ready. That would put your wake-up time at 6am.
  • Bed Time: You should count back 9 hours from your wake-up time to get the perfect bedtime. In this case, your child should physically be in their bed by 9pm. It’s a good idea to save 15-20 minutes for brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, etc.

Talk to your child about school-Letting your child know what to expect will ease their transition.

  • Tell your child stories about when you were in school. Find pictures of yourself when you were your child’s age and talk to him or her about what you felt like when you went to school.
  • Making a book together is another good idea. Either draw pictures, or take pictures on the first day. The pages can say things like “This is Sammy at school”, “This is Sammy in his favorite T-Shirt”, “This is mommy picking Sammy up from school.”(NAEYC 2014)
  • Introduce your child to materials they will see at school. A child who is used to scribbling with crayons and paper, looking through books, and scissors is more likely to be comfortable in the classroom because they know how to use these materials.

Talk to the teacher-Find out what the morning routine looks like. Ask your child’s teacher how he or she deals with tears and separation anxiety. Come up with a plan together to make your child feel more at-ease during drop-off.

Create a Goodbye Ritual-It’s best not to just disappear without saying goodbye. A consistent and predictable farewell ritual can make leaving easier. Some parents wave from outside a certain classroom window or make a funny goodbye face, whereas others read a short book before parting. Transitional objects — a family picture, a special doll, or a favorite blanket — can also help comfort a child. Also, keep in mind that most kids do well once their parents leave.

Special objects-Leave your child an object of yours such as a scarf or bandana. This lets them know you will come back for them and ease their anxiety at drop-off.

Leave as soon as you say goodbye-Prolonging the goodbye shows your child you’re also upset and/or worried. It’s extremely difficult, but let them know what a fun day they’re going to have and quietly leave the classroom.