Rainbow Child Care Center

Rainbow Child Care Center

Rainbow Child Care Center opened its first school in 1986 in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Today there are more than 121 Rainbow Child Care Centers found in 15 states.

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The Montessori Preschool

The Montessori Preschool

The Montessori Preschool opened its doors in 2012, and continues to grow every year. If there is interest in your area, please let us know!

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Rainbow Referral

Rainbow Referral

Do you know a family in need of a Home Away From Home? Share the Rainbow Difference with the Rainbow Referral program and receive one free week of tuition!

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Brown Baggin’ It

Back to school doesn’t just mean back to the classroom, but also back to making lunches!

Parents are usually the ones to make their child’s lunch and are left standing in the kitchen wondering how to make it healthy, delicious and something their children want to eat. So what do you do?

With so many allergies it is best to steer clear from the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There is more to lunch than a boring sandwich, a juice box, and a bag of chips. We all know how expensive groceries can be, so it is important that we are packing something our children will eat and not throw away or trade with another friend.

Take your child to the store and allow them to pick out some of their favorite snack items. Ask them if they want to have sandwiches, roll ups, wraps, or even a DIY lunchable. Remind them that it is important to have a fresh fruit, veggies or both in their lunch each day. Consider having them pick out a cool water bottle that they can take with them to school to limit the consumption of sugary drinks. Let them make the decisions (within reason) of what they will be eating while at school. This will help your child gain a sense of independence.

For us as parents, we need to remember there are many things occurring in the morning before sending the kids off to school. Have your child help make their lunch the night before so it is ready to go as they walk out the door. During this time, you can have a conversation with your child about what they did at school today, what they are doing tomorrow and see their likes and dislikes as they put their lunch together. It is important to have choices available to your child when making their lunch and to encourage them to make the healthier selections. Don’t forget to leave a little sweet treat in their lunch bag if you have it!


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