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At Rainbow Child Care Center we will always do our best to remain open regardless of weather conditions. However, in the case of inclement weather or maintenance issues, please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information. Click here for the latest updates

Rainbow Child Care Center

Rainbow Child Care Center

Rainbow Child Care Center opened its first school in 1986 in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Today there are more than 121 Rainbow Child Care Centers found in 15 states.

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The Montessori Preschool

The Montessori Preschool

The Montessori Preschool opened its doors in 2012, and continues to grow every year. If there is interest in your area, please let us know!

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Rainbow Referral

Rainbow Referral

Do you know a family in need of a Home Away From Home? Share the Rainbow Difference with the Rainbow Referral program and receive one free week of tuition!

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March is Reading Month!

As parents, we know that some of the best times with our children happen when they want to cuddle up with you and read a book. Since March is Reading Month, this is the perfect time to grab your child’s favorite book and jump right in! It might be a good idea to try to fit in an extra few minutes with your little ones during the day to show that reading is not just for bedtime.

According to an article from, more than half the children in the country-13 million children- will not hear a bedtime story tonight. Some children begin kindergarten having been read to as few as 25 hours, while their peers may have been read to as many as 1,000 hours. Every time you read to your child you are improving their learning advantage. By age four, low-income children have heard an average 32 million fewer words than their wealthy peers. Reading aloud is a key way to introduce new vocabulary. Even in higher-income households, nearly 40% of families do not read aloud every day. If a child is not reading at grade level by the end of the first grade, then there is an 88% probability the child will not be reading at grade level by the end of the fourth grade.

As you can see, reading to your child or with your child is very important. It helps build the bond between you and your child as well as help with further development. Reading to an infant may not seem as important as reading to a preschooler, but it is. When you read aloud to infants, you are stimulating brain development patterns as well as working to strengthen your relationship with them. You are also working to help them build early language skills.

So for the month of March (and beyond) hit the library or bookstore, get some new fun books to read to your little ones and enjoy every minute of that time together!

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